Shortbreaks Prices

1st session = Trial Session: £5 (one off payment)

Normal Shortbreaks Sessions: £4.50 for 15 minutes

(see below for more details)



You are welcome to come to a trial session at Just Jump where a one of payment of £5 is made with no obligation after that session. After that, our shortbreaks sessions cost £4.50 per person per session (one session being 15 minutes) and this price is the same for siblings too. We encourage you to book sessions in a block in advance so as not to miss out as our sessions fill up very quickly.

Adult Prices

Trial session available (please get in contact).

Normal Adult Sessions: £24



- 'Course' and 'Session' mean the day and time you have booked. Payments made conver the days      and times you have stipulated and cannot be transferred to other days and times.

- You must book at least 10 days before your course begins and pay 7 days before your course       begins or as soon as possible for new attendees.

- No re-occuring places are automatically saved as we now operate a waiting list and the next         person will be invited.

- All course fees, competition fees, membership fees, certificates, clothing and other paymentss     are non-refundable.

- Booking your session is now done online at Your reservation is for the       time(s) and day(s) requested, they are not transferable to other times or days due to non-         attendance.

- Complete and subit the 'Current Attendees Booking Form' at least 10 days before your course       begins.

- You will receive a confirmation of booking, how much to pay and how to pay.

- Please pay minimum 7 days before your course begins.

- Reservations are NOT automatically carried forwards to the next course.

- If you pay by cash, you are still required to complete the online form. There is a £0.50 charge     per transaction due to the high cost in handling and banking charges. Please give this to your       coach in a named envelope with a booking form at least 7 days before the course is due to           start. All participants must be under the age of 19 when they attend their session.

- All payments are non-refundable with the exception of your session being cancelled by Just         Jump.

- Once your pre-booked session ahs been paid, the payment is non-transferrable to a different       day or time.

- All course fees, competition fees, membership fees, certificates, clothing and other payments       are non-refundable.





10.  Just Jump currently does not operate payment directly from this website

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Chamberlayne Leisure Centre

150 Weston Lane



SO19 9SJ


(We run sessions in many different locations. click on venues/times for more information.)

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday


Exact times vary on different days. Please enquire for more information.

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