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As a non-pofit charity we are always looking for people who want to help us out whether it be through fundraising or volunteering at our sessions. We are looking to put on more fundraising events like cake sales and BBQs in the future but for the meantime we would appreciate any help you can provide. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then consider doing a few of the options below:


Sporting Challenges:

- Are you into your running, swimming, cycling or likewise events? Then why not consider doing a sponsored sporting event and raising funds for us as your chosen charity? If you are thinking about doing this then get in touch and let us know so we can show our appreciation and guide you through the donation process.


Adrenaline Junkie?

- Do you like to challenge yourself mentally as well as physically? Why not try something a little more 'daredevil' like one of the following, skydive, bungee jump, assualt course (tough mudder) or mountain climbs? Go on, take the plunge and do something out of the ordinary.


Simple Fundraising:

Sporting and adrenaline-filled activities not for you? Then do something a little more easy, throw a coffee and cake morning, organise a quiz night for friends and family or a treasure hunt for children. Make any social gathering an excuse to raise a little money for a brilliant cause. 




Coach Dan with Just Jumper Kyle.


If you want to get involved with Just Jump but don't fancy taking on a fundraising challenge then why not volunteer with us? As a non-profit organisation we are always grateful for volunteers. You may be thinking about what you have to gain from volunteering so we've taken it upon ourselves to list just a few benefits:


- It looks great on your CV (1 in 5 employers hire someone because of their volunteer experience)

- You have the satisfaction of doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

- It teaches you key skills for employment.

- Is a great way of meeting new people and building confidence.

- Provides the opportunity to practice your trampolining.


If volunteering is something you are interested in doing with us then get in contact and explain why you want to volunteer with us and what qualities and skills you have that would make you a good volunteer. 


We primarily ask for people with experience in trampolining or working with people with disabilities to apply, however if you have no experience then send us an email anyway and if we like your application then we will invite you along to meet with us.

One of our summer holiday groups with our volunteers Amy, Bryony and Ellie.

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(We run sessions in many different locations. click on venues/times for more information.)

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday


Exact times vary on different days. Please enquire for more information.

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