Medical Clearance

We recommend that you get medical clearance from a doctor, physiotherapist or similar for the safety of the particpant. However, with the exception of Downs Syndrome, this is not a pre-requisite of booking and attending our sessions. Participants with Downs Syndrome should obtain permission from their doctor or the Downs Syndrome Association in order to participate. 

Dress Code

Our dresscode is listed below and has been put in place in order to safeguard both the participants and our Just Jump coaches from harm.


- Only sports clothing is permitted.

- No hoodies to be worn on the trampoline.

- No hard wearing/non-stretchy materials. E.g. Denim or canvas.

- No toggles, buttons, zips, poppers, glitter.

- Socks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES.

- Hair must be tied up and kept out of face and eyes.

- All jewellery must be removed and NOT covered with tape.


The above dress code is designed to safeguard the particpants and coaches of Just Jump. It should be adhered to during sessions and events but sensitivty to religious convictions regarding dress will be demonstrated. Any concessions on dress should be within the bounds of reasonable safety risk assessment and the element of risk should and will be made aware to the parents/carers. Our insurers do not authorise or condone unsafe clothing and the wearing of unsafe clothing may invalidate our insurance.

Data Protection

We follow the Data Protection Act. All information provided by our clients is for our records to be used for parental/carer contact, course elligibility and to enable the appropriate coaching programme to be made. Limited information will be passed on to Shortbreaks funders.


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Chamberlayne Leisure Centre

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Opening Times:

Monday to Friday


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