Rebound Therapy

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy was developed by Eddy Anderson in 1969 as a way of describing the use of trampolines in providing opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercises and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of disability. Rebound therapy is popular in special needs schools as the sport of trampolining is universal and accessible to most. The intensive 1:1 style of rebound therapy is proven to have a therapetuic effect as well as pyschological and physiological benefits for the person who takes part.



Benefits that are to be had from rebound therapy include:

- Improves in motor skills

- Improves sensory awareness

- Improves co-ordination and balance.

- Improves muscle tone

- Improves bowel movements

- Improves bone density

- Stimulates metabolism

- Gives a sense of freedom both physically and pyschologically


Rebound Therapy at Just Jump

Just Jump's rebound and movement therapy follows many of the methods used by physiotherapists working with clients who lack flexibility, have poor muscle tone or have inhibitied movement due to injury or disability. We use the movement made available through trampoline rebound to stimulate a reaction to the loss of balance which in turn develops a sense of spatial awareness. Using a trampoline often makes exercise an effortless and enjoyable task and with the continuation of regular sessions, our clients tend to notice a significant improvement in their condition. In turn this improvement impacts on the client's confidence and gives them a great sense of achievement. 

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