What are shortbreaks?

Shortbreak sessions are a programme that has been set up in order to enable children and young adults (up to the age of 19), with disabilities and/or special needs, the opportunity of joining in with new activities. The programme provides financial support to clubs like Just Jump who then put this funding towards the cost of running the sessions whilst also giving parents and carers the opportunity to have a short break.


To be eligible for shortbreaks sessions at Just Jump you must:

- have a Buzz Network Card (Southampton residents) OR a Gateway Card (Hampshire residents).

- have a disability and/or special needs.

- be aged between 0-19 years old 

- PLEASE NOTE: we also invite siblings along to participate in sessions whether they have a disability or not. The session time will then be split equally between them



Session Info

Our sessions are flexible and we aim to assist in any way that we can so please get in contact if you have any specific requirements that you want us to be aware of.


The shortbreaks sessions we currently offer include:

- 15 minute slot:

  For the individual to have 15 minutes one to one coaching.


- 1 hour slot:

  For group bookings of 4 people each having 15 minutes.


Whilst 15 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, we find that for our customers it is just the right amount. For this reason we offer a trial session for prospective clients to come and see what we do and whether it fits in with what they want. Most people love these trial sessions and can't wait to sign up for more so don't miss out, book your trial session now.




1st session = Trial Session: £5 (one off payment)

Normal Shortbreaks Sessions: £4.50

(see below for more details)



You are welcome to come to a trial session at Just Jump where a one of payment of £5 is made with no obligation after that session. After that, our shortbreaks sessions cost £4.50 per person per session (one session being 15 minutes) and this price is the same for siblings too. We encourage you to book sessions in a block in advance so as not to miss out as our sessions fill up very quickly.



Please Note: 

- All participants must be under the age of 19 when they attend their session.

- All payments are non-refundable with the exception of your session being cancelled by Just         Jump.

- Once your pre-booked session has been paid, the payment is non-transferrable to a different       day or time.

- All course fees, competition fees, membership fees, certificates, clothing and other payments       are non-refundable.

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Chamberlayne Leisure Centre

150 Weston Lane



SO19 9SJ


(We run sessions in many different locations. click on venues/times for more information.)

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday


Exact times vary on different days. Please enquire for more information.

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